Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Perfect Day

Just for mummy and daddy.

Today hubby and I left the kiddlywinks with my visiting folks to babysit and ventured out into the big wide world, just the two of us.

I almost punched the air with my fist shouting "yes, baby" when some other poor soul was chasing his 3 year old daughter who was clambering over the furniture in the shop, thinking "ha, hah! not our kid for a change!"
(Do that make me a bad person?)

It was a rainy Sunday. Rare here in Adelaide. And ideally my first choice would have been to send grandparents and children out into the world while we sat and drank coffee in our PJs and watch a good old movie.

But we didn't.

We went out.

We had fun.

We talked adult talk.

I dragged hubby to the Bowerbird Bazaar...
        where we shopped,
               chatted with some friends (you always meet people you know when you go out in Adelaide),
        drank really good coffee,
               got some inspiration,
                      and bought some goodies too...

 Sewing 2009
Printed tee

Sewing 2009
Wallpaper Brooch
(both from Delilah devine)

Sewing 2009
Brooch from A Skulk of Foxes

I love supporting Australian made.
However, for the sake of my budget,
I had to admit to myself that I could make a few of the things that caught my eye.
But I love seeing the energy, the creativity, the passion that emanates from these markets.
I come home newly enthused to keep on crafting and enjoying the process.

And let's not forget bringing something home for the kids...

Sewing 2009

Sewing 2009

Sickly sweet macaroons.
Kids loved them of course.

What else did we get up to?

We had to go and check out sofas...
and loved the first one we saw in the first sofa shop we entered.
So then had to go to 5 more shops just to make sure that we were being too impulsive.
Now we just need to pick a colour...

Sewing 2009

Then we went and stuffed ourselves silly on yum cha,
thinking how nice it would be to share the experience with the kids,
but secretly enjoying the fact that they weren't there to chase each other around the tables with dim sims flying.

Then we dropped by a couple of car yards
(hubby's old little run around is terminally ill and,
without wanting to rub the poor old thing' in it,
we have to know what we are replacing him with on the day that he chokes it)

Then we went for a coffee.

Then (giggle) we ran out of things that we wanted to do except have a nap
so we snuck home and went to our room and had a little nap for an hour before announcing our return.

It is sad that such a day is so damn exciting that I need to blog every detail
but anyone out there with kids,
with no local family to help babysit,
who have had to make renovating decisions in shops with kids in tow,
I think might well understand
and appreciate the novelty.

And at the very least you might like the little girl wallpaper brooch that I bought for myself.


Kat said...

Sounds fabbo tas! And I love the brooch. Completely understand your feelings - glad you had a lovely time.

Claire said...

Sounds a fabulous day!!
And what on earth is "Adult Conversation"?? I think I have heard of it before.... :)

Lola Nova said...

I absolutely can appreciate the novelty. My husband and I just had a long discussion about trying to find a babysitter once a month to go out together.

Glad you had a great time and a nap :)

picanini said...

I so TOTALLY empathise with everything you've written here. I'm glad it was such a wonderful day (and that it wasn't me chasing the 3 year old around the furniture shop LOL). And it so understandable that such little things made the day so wonderful.