Monday, March 29, 2010

Farbenmix Amelie sleeveless hoodie

This time round for my little one.

I liked the ladies version of this (Farbenmix Amelia) when I made it up last month.

It is comfy and I really love the cut of the flared body.

Today I made the Amelie for my daughter.

Little Boozle 2010

It sews up really quickly and my only disappointment was the embroidery.

It is another gorgeous design from EmiOli (from the Enchanted Forest collection) but I just couldn't get it to work on this fabric.

Little Boozle 2010

It is wearable but even on my 2nd attempt with good stabilisation,
it was pretty much a disaster.

The lightweight knit fabric is probably just not up to it.

I'm still learning a lot about this embroidery thing!

Little Boozle


Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

It looks really cute! You can't tell a thing about the embroidery from the photo, other than its very sweet.

Tas said...

Thanks Leisl. You can notice that there is no close up lol. Looks much better from a bit of a distance. Otherwise the cute little critter looks a bit on the mangy side.

Peta said...

It's just gorgeous Tas, goes great with her gorgeous skirt too. :)

michal said...

this is so cute! any girl would love it! I know both my girls would... :-)
I keep adding farbenmix patterns to my "wanted" list, and that's just no fair, no way I'll have time to make them all!

Tanya said...

okay, between you and Peta I have been thoroughly convinced to buy this pattern! great job.

Tania said...

Fabulous hoodie! I'm often eying off the lovely stuff that Jolijou does for Farbenmix, but I confess the embroidery thing scares the living daylights out of me!

Emma said...

wow sooo cute.. I'm surprise to see farbenmix so far away.. that's amazing...
regards from germany.. emma

Lola Nova said...

So cute, I love the polka dots!

Kate said...

That is the most gorgeous little top. I love the polka dots and the flared body. I'm just discovering these Farbenmix patterns and I am hooked. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. X