Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favourite (Christmas) Things

OND 2010

I hope that you all had a great Christmas and are enjoying what is left of 2010.

Channelling Oprah,
I'd like to share the pick of my Christmas goodies.
Well, pretty much all my Christmas goodies-
everyone seemed to give me things that I loved this year :)

Sadly, I can't channel Oprah's bank account or sponsorship power
so I am unable to provide you all with your own one of the lovely things.

Of course, a couple of these are goodies from my dear hubby
that were pre-purchased by me.
But I really wanted them
so I was pretty darn happy to find them under the tree...

OND 2010

From the elegance of Audrey...

OND 2010 the brawn of Spartacus dressed in old man's undies...
(I wonder how much they paid someone to design them?)

OND 2010

I can curl up with the good Doctor and some gorgeous creations in bed for some time to come.

OND 2010

My mum got me some very badly wanted bread tins
plus I scored some pinking shears and
-something everyone would have on their "want" list-
a cookie cutter in the shape of Finland.
(I spent a year there in 1987 and my close friend and I still exchange presents)
Now I have a conversation starter for afternoon tea
and some bloody big bickies to give my guests.

OND 2010

My mother-in-law knitted me some gorgeous socks,
all the better to curl up on the couch in winter with Mr Darcy.

OND 2010

And I can now make apply slinkies. Yay!

OND 2010

Finally, my oldest son made us a calendar
but I think that the calendar will face the wall
so that we can see our little elf.

As you can see, buying and hinting goes a long way to getting you lots of yummy things
under the Christmas tree.

We had a great Christmas with hubby's family at Mt Gambier
and the kids got to have a go at "snortling"
at the nearby rock pools.
Got to love Australia's beaches.

Compact OND 2010

I'm off to slink an apple!
Is that a real verb?


Liz said...

Ohhh an apple slinky! Nice haul Tas - that 2nd book looks interesting :)

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Looks like you did well there Tas :D