Sunday, December 12, 2010

The real meaning of Christmas

I know that I am not alone at this time of year
when, as a parent, I lament that commercial and materialistic push of Christmas
that cannot be avoided.

Whether you are religious or not,
I believe that this is a time to teach our children
to be grateful for what they have
and to find happiness in giving, sharing and
caring for other people.

This morning we watched thousands of motorcycles ride from the beach to the Adelaide Hills
as part of the annual Motorcycle Riders Association Toy Run.
Figures state that 15000 bike riders participated.

OND 2010

There were bikes decorated in tinsel,
bikers with Santa beards (some real),
young men doing the journey on mopeds,
many helmets sprouting reindeers antlers,
riders pulling over slowly to gently high five the kids on the road side
and hundreds of people roadside waving them past
on their journey to make their toy donation for underpriveleged children.

5 truckloads of presents were collected.

This is the true spirit of Christmas.
This is where I get to explain to my kids that giving is what it is all about.
This is what brings tears to my eyes at this time of year.


Tania said...

This sooky la-la mama entirely agrees with your reaction to that sort of real meaning of Christmas...

Liz said...

Judging by the goosebumps I just got reading that, I whole heartedly agree with you.
That would be an awesome thing to see - I hope your kids enjoyed it :)

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Beautiful isn't it too see all those hardened, tough, looking bikers giving to little ones in need, really melts the heart

Jetta's Nest said...

I've been thinking about this heaps lately. We're not religious at all and the commercial side of Christmas gives me anxiety attacks so I've been trying to work out how to convey to my boys what it's actually all about. It's certainly a hard thing to do in this day and age!