Monday, December 20, 2010

Pragmatic or romantic?


So do you know what your dear partner is wrapping and putting under the Christmas tree for you this year?

I do.

I have bought myself a few things that I need or want
(OK, mostly want- there is not much need involved)
(pinking shears, this book, and "Sense and Sensibility" DVD),
handed them to hubby
and made life easy for him for Christmas and my birthday which is a month later.

At least I know it wont be hubby who gives me the
 lead cut crystal peanut plates in the shape of a Christmas bell (I have history with those things).
Or tacky Christmas tee shirts saying "I've been naughty. Spank me" (though I might just wear that one that says "three wise men? get serious"...)
No scented soap leaves that will sit on my bath gathering dust (I don't "do" baths)
And I can leave it to some other "friend" to give me a little reindeer that poos licorice bullets
when you pat his head.

Heck no.

It's not that we have been together so long that the gloss has worn off
and he can't be bothered.
He is actually lamenting the fact that he wishes that he could get me something
that I really love
without me telling him or buying it for him
but somehow magically letting him know what it is that I want.

It is just that I am a fussy cow
who is blessed and doesn't want for much in life.

I love some things, loathe others
and after nearly 42 years on this planet,
have come to realise that it is hard for my loved ones to work out
which is which.
I am a little bit eclectic in what I like
and even I can't begin to describe to you what would be a sure fire description of my taste.

So bless his little cotton socks
that he wishes he could buy me something that I love
without me actually telling him.

I (we) have decided on common sense over the possibility of disappointment on both sides.


If anyone has any ideas on how I can tell him what I'd love to receive
without me knowing about it,
I'd love to know.

Meanwhile, my memory is so bad these days,
we might both luck it in and I will forget something that I bought him to give me.
(Yes, I am serious.)

 I do get my little rosy inner glow from knowing how much he wants to spoil me.
Because that counts for a lot.

So tell me- are you and your partner romantic or realistic?


Tania said...

I'm sure I'd 'do' bath if I could craft the time away.

Over in this neck of the woods we do the list. A specific list. But it has to be a longish list so that there is Room For Doubt when you spot your pressie under the Christmas Tree. Any Blindingly Obvious pressies should be wrapped using Decoy Props.

(merry Christmas, lovely)

thornberry said...

I'm with you - it's all about realistic. Hubby has wrapped some wonderful presents for me - I know they're great, I bought them all! I like Tania's longish list idea too though. Every now and then hubby surprises me with a gorgeous gift he's thought of himself, and that's enough for me. I'm happy to do realistic the rest of the time (most of the time!)

Peta said...

Mostly practical here too, it's not like I ever really need anything so I just make a few suggestions and he goes from there. My DH is actually a very good present buyer and pre-kids I got lots of surprises, I think it's more me who's changed to wanting practical things I can use.

Carolyn said...

I have a list that i begin at the beginning of the year, it has heaps and heaps on it (a hat, kitchen aid, ipad, tix to Mary Poppins), and I expect none of it. This year I know for sure that I wont be getting any of it as I have been 'practical'.

Sarah said...

I have no idea what Stephen will get for me this year. My list consists of things that are too expensive at the moment - a 'good' camera, new imac to replace this dying one, kitchenaid mixer... Actually I'll be happy with some tickets to something or other. Perhaps I should mention that...

The Handmaden said...

How about romantically realistic?
Neither of us expects a gift from the other (although we both know there will be something) so it's always a success!
P.S. I got him good quality secateurs to replace his rusty crappy ones :)

Lola Nova said...

We have become quite practical these days. I got just what I wanted for my birthday because I told the Mr. all about it. Presents for the household are good fare (usually a little something for the kitchen as we both love to cook).
I will say though, that Mother's Day seems to bring out the romantic in my Mr. I have received some jaw dropping loveliness on that holiday.
Of course he knows that the way to heart on Christmas is a good pair of stripy socks!

Liz said...

Definitely realistic. Mainly because we both only want stuff that we can use - no dust collectors allowed. Plus, mine won't fit under the tree this year :D