Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parenting for dummies: lesson #62

Think really, really long and hard about what is suitable for show and tell.

AMJ 2011

It may seem a great idea to let your 7 year old
take your work's dog skeleton to "show and tell" in class when they are studying bones,
especially after you have had "the talk" about how it is not a toy
and that it cost a lot of money.

AMJ 2011

However, you should sense that there will be problems
if he gets named (and actually labelled) "Doggy bones".
(Come on, you know kids will adopt and name anything...
a rock, a piece of toilet paper, an old, mouldy, forgotten piece of fruit
that they find under their bed...)

AMJ 2011

It will end in tears...
...if not a broken back.

Disclaimer: No living dog's skeleton was harmed in this "Show and tell"
(It is made of resin)


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Cool show and tell! Now I'm just going out the back to check Scruff is still there....

quilary said...

Poor kid! Funny how something that seems like a great idea can end up the exact opposite. There is nothing about that in the "parent handbook" is there?

Tania said...


Poor Doggy Bones. We used to have a human version of him in our closet. He moved on to another life after a few unfortunate breaks (i.e. missing arm, missing toe, hanging off scapula, you get the picture)...