Sunday, June 5, 2011

Making it up on a daily basis.

Little Boozle 2011

This, my dear readers, is my makeup stash.
I am sure you can make it out under all the dust.
There is a fairly new mascara there.
You can tell because it doesn't look like something that time forgot.

Little Boozle 2011

And, if you look really closely,
you might see what appears to be a cobweb.
There on the right.
Can you see it?

Needless to say, I don't walk out of the house fully made up very often.

Don't get me wrong.

I don't leave the house with bed hair
(or if I do, it is carefully yet nochalantly covered up by a casually placed yet trendy beret)

I don't leave home with a monobrow.
I learnt from a young age that us brunettes have hair responsibilities.

I don't leave home with a untended pimple like a guiding beacon to find my nose.
(Please let's all promise now not to perpetuate the myth that only teenagers
have to deal with zits.
Promise? Good)

I do my hair.
I pluck any stray eyebrows that set up squatter's right onto my face overnight.
I moisturise and I "powder" my nose.

But that's about it.

For a special occasion,
I will dust off the lipstick (literally it seems)
And a really special  event like a wedding
calls for some eye stuff.

On the flip side,
this means that I am quick to get ready
and boy, am I cheap.

Do you know how often you are meant to toss your makeup and start again?

Every 3 to 4 months.
Yes, 3 to 4 months.
Sometimes I don't dress up for 6 months at a time.

Eye shadows and powders?
Every 2 years.

Every 1-2 years.
I got married in 1995.
I still have my wedding day lippy and occasionally pull it out to see if it goes with my outfit.
It's a wonder it hasn't mutated into another life form by now
and crawled off to take over the world.

I would love nothing more than to be one of those people
who casually lippies up with some fire engine red to go buy milk
but I don't quite get there.
What I am hoping is that, in 20 years time,
Mother Nature, Old Man Time and anyone else on the "Ageing Gracefully" committee
 will decide that I have been good to my skin
and will repay me with a few less wrinkles and crow's feet.
But I am not holding my breath.

Maybe I can put all the money that I saved on makeup
into botox injections and cosmetic surgery.

I'll probably still come out ahead financially.


CurlyPops said...

OMG that looks just like my make-up stash!
For special occasions, I dust off the eyeliner and mascara. Every other day it's just lip balm.
I don't know how anyone has the time, patience or energy for all that every day!

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

That looks just like my make-up bag. The only thing that doesn't have any dust on it is the lip balm but that's because it doesn't live with the rest of my make-up.

Lela said...


I got a micro dermabrasion for christmas. My sister snorted in laughter and asked if I was feeling ok then told me I was full of surprises.

I'll put on mascara, but some vaso is about as close as I come to lipstick lol. And apparently vasoline is not all that good to consume....

Last time I wore makeup properly was for bridesmaid duties 3 years ago, but someone else did it for me...

willow and moo said...

Oh I know that feeling! I think you might have a bit more than I do. I have to admit that I've been contemplating shopping for some lipstick, but I know in the end I won't end up wearing it and it will be a waste of money. I'm thinking next time that I need to buy mascara, I should just get my eyelashes tinted because it will last longer, and I too have bought a tube of mascara to only use it once.

Vic said...

I think you're on to something there Tas; save up for a facelift with money saved from not buying make up.. brilliant!

m.e (Cathie) said...

ooh yeah, botox injections sound good if I wasn't too chicken!
sorry Tas, my makeup drawer doesn't look like that now, I use moisturiser every morning and try to put some mascara on so I feel somewhat pretty.

I did a big clean recently when we got a new wardrobe & tossed out alot of what looked like your stash! it felt good to say goodbye to stuff I was hanging on to for years.

The Handmaden said...

My Grandmother never leaves the house (or her bedroom for that matter) without her "face" on and hair coifed! Obviously I missed out on those genes!

Mary said...

Makeup?? what's that?

I don't even know where mine is, maybe the shed.

Tania said...

It's the type that 'lippy up' with fire engine red WITHOUT EVEN CONSULTING A MIRROR that freak me out most. Not sure if it counts for anything, but I'm rather attached to my make-up bag cobwebs...

Tanya said...

I am with Mary...I wanted to wear make up a couple of weeks ago- and couldn't find any. Obviously got rash with my stash at some stage!

monART said...

lol this was a fun read ^_^

Lola Nova said...

So glad to know that I am in such good company! When ever my mother comes to visit she always asks me before we head out the door, "Don't you want to put some lip stick on?"
She is one of those who is always gorgeously coiffed, makeup just right, clothes impeccable sort of women. Apparently it does not run in the family. I mean I try to always look presentable but, I just can't be bothered with the extra bits.

willywagtail said...

If it's any help, my 17 year old spends 2 hours - yes that's TWO hours - on her makeup (she reckons the time in even if it means a 4 in the morning wake up and she does get comments) - but she still has dust on her goodies. Cherrie

Carolyn said...

ive started to go to the other side of wearing makeup... that was after I cleaned out the makeup from when I was a teen.

Leonie @ Cuppa and Cake said...

I hear ya sista!! xx