Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend diary: part 1- like-minded people and remembering yourself

AMJ 2011

Yesterday afternoon I returned home to domestic reality.

By the end of 5 days away, I was wanting to hug my daughter who got sick while I was away
and cuddle my boys.
(Heck, even give my hubby a snuggle)

But it was a fabulous, fabulous 5 days.

AMJ 2011

If you can look forward to an 8 hour car trip,
there must be a reason.

In this case it was because the company was lovely.
I know these two local girls well enough now that they are a comfortable fit.

It was also because I was being chauffeured
so got to sit and knit to my heart's desire.

The road trip also involved coffee stops and op-shops
as well as a certain vintage shop in Nhill, Victoria.

AMJ 2011

The weekend was spent with a dozen like-minded women.
We are different ages, we have different stories,
we come from different backgrounds.
But we have in common a love of creating and being mums.

AMJ 2011

We are a group that are a product of an internet forum
and, where our own friends and family may not "get" the need to sew and craft,
these girls do.

There were familiar faces, some new faces,
lots of coffee, chocolate,
chatting, laughing,
too much food, not much sleep
and, incredibly,
a huge amount of productivity.

AMJ 2011

Then the South Aussie girls got to drive home and enjoy another 8 hours in the car together.

AMJ 2011

AMJ 2011

AMJ 2011

And when we return,
the run of the mill daily routine is a bit brighter
when the washing contains vintage sheets
and cleaning up means finding a place for those op shops shoes and books.
It is a warmer, fuzzier place as your daughter tries on her new elf coat
and you cast on the dress to be returned in exchange.

This precious weekend is about having a chance to be a sewer,
an op-shopper, a coffee addict,
a chatter box, a late nighter or an early riser.
To be ourselves
and not be mothers for a weekend.
Our partners or rellies step up to help out on the home front while we are gone
and tell us to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

And we make sure that we do.


Anonymous said...

sounds like it was a wonderful time.

Karen said...

Aaaah bliss - I understand these weekends completely!!
Sounds like you had a great time.
(PS - I am impressed you manage to fit three people's stuff into one car!!)

Posie Patchwork said...

Sounds amazing, i would love to be dispensible, but just for a day here & there, love Posei

Vic said...

Sounds so great Tas; I hope to make it along one day, but until then, I am happy to read about what a wonderful time you girls keep having. ;)

becci said...

Tas, sounds wonderful. Of course I am insanely jealous.

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Total bliss for you and wonderful of the support system to kick in and allow you to be you and recharge. I'm envious too.

B............... said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

B xxx

Tanya said...

hooray for you Tas, glad you had fun

willow and moo said...

Enjoyed spending time with you! :)