Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekend diary: part 2- sewing productivity

(Proof that, in spite of my self doubts,
I can still multi-task when it is required)

Little Boozle 2011

Little Boozle 2011
KeykaLou keychain purse

I can sew as well as eat, drink, talk and not sleep at the same time.

Little Boozle 2011

Little Boozle 2011
(Osoberry bag-Fox Flat)
(Yes, orange. Orange!)

Little Boozle 2011

Little Boozle 2011

Little Boozle 2011

(Thanks so much Tania. The perfect project for your gorgeous embroidery.
Oh, the pressure to use it for something worthy!
To be used for all my little knitting necessities)

Little Boozle 2011
KeykaLou Ditty bags

Little Boozle 2011

(I modified this pattern all over the place as I wanted
to leave out the zip and the ruffle and change the shape of the flap.
Instead of an old sheet,
I will make it properly one day in a lovely vintage style)

Little Boozle 2011
NapKitten Pleated Clutch

 I may not have it in me any more to change a nappy
while drinking a cup of coffee and paying bills on the internet
and whipping up a sponge for morning tea,
all at once,
but nice to know I still have a bit of multitasking left in me when it is "necessary"


Kate said...

Wowzers you certainly were a busy, productive girl.
Loving all those bags.

Tania said...

You've done that tattoo PROUD! (unless you're going to get a real one on your behind, that is - cos that would trump even the bag).

PS. I cannot believe how prolific your craft weekends are...

CurlyPops said...

All in that short space of time. Sheesh! That's amazing.
You've most definitely done that embroidery proud (and even better, you get to stare at it while knitting)

monART said...

I really love the bags, I do. Wow and cute linings make such a difference. Like the dots with the tattoo one. It really enhances the tatoo