Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shocker of the Week.


Toddler beauty pageants come to Australia.

You too can pop your little baby girl into a beauty pageant once she turns 6 months of age.


It is so, so wrong.

Don't get me started.


Lindy in Brisbane said...

OMG! Wrong on so many levels!

willywagtail said...

White slavery.

Bianca said...



Tania said...

I think you're remarkably restrained. When I was fifteen my Aunt hauled me along to the baby pageant her daughter was 'competing' in. Even then I cringed at the WRONG WRONG WRONGNESS. My Aunt thought it was only fabulous!

Posie Patchwork said...

I just don't get it. But . . . i think it's the mums, 99% of the time they mums are unattractive & clearly yearned for more out of their own 'beauty'. Pushy mums, oh don't get me started!! Frankly, what is beauty in these competitions, i'm just going to say it - many of these children are heavy & not pretty, they can't sing or have a 'talent' so what the hell is the point??
I find it all super creepy, how distorted are their views on body image, make up, dressing in hot pants & cropped tops going to be when they are teens, or i don't know, making friendships with people who want to know them for who they are, not what they look like??
I would be approached frequently (when living in Sydney) by talent scouts - they do exist, they stalk Westfield shopping centres - about my girls or son modelling. I would just look at them as "you have to be nuts, i am just not that kind of mother" & really, it's such a lovely lifestyle - spending 12 hours at a photoshoot for your child to have a 5 minute photo taken, also how does that make their siblings feel if you over invest time, energy, devotion to ONE child.
Sorry Tas, you got me started!! Love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

FYI i feel the same about Glamour Photography & staged professional family photos!! What is wrong with lovely family photos of your children, taken by you, the parent?? Surely they smile brighter if they are looking back at mum or dad behind the camera, not some stranger shaking a toy & a stressed out parent thinking "holy crap, this is costing $250 an hour, then we have the pressure to purchase the pictures!!" Off to grocery shop, shall calm down now, love Posie

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

I think it's a fine line to child abuse! These things cross it! Greeters makes me angry and sad that it is allowed.

MissGinger said...

oh dear oh dear! how can you say one child is more beautiful than another? AND ooooo horrid! thought it was only in america! x

B............... said...

Go Posie, couldn't of put it better myself.
This is borderline child abuse I'm sure.

B xxx

Kylie said...

That is shocking - why cant little girls be just that.

Lola Nova said...

It's totally bizarre! They aren't as big where I live as they are in other parts of America but, they still exist. It's all just so creepy, weird and it is all about the moms own emptiness. I'm so sorry that they have come your way.