Sunday, July 3, 2011

To each their own.

That's what I believe.
As long as you aren't hurting anyone else.

And wouldn't the world be super boring if we were all the same?

This morning over my breakfast cereal,
I came across an article in the newspaper about
the increase in body modification surgeries.

I have had various (visible) earrings (as in ear- rings; not anywhere else)
 and I do have my yuppie tattoo on my shoulder blade.
I really, really wanted to get my eyebrow pierced
but couldn't while working as a professional in conservative circles
and I love the look of  piercing of that cartilage flap at the front of your ear.


However, I don't love the idea the pain of piercing thick cartilage
so I don't think that I will ever go there.

But I amazed at what people are chosing to do to their bodies
in the name of ...what? Creativity? Individuality? Art?


(Cos haven't you always wanted to be able to do this?)


The idea of implanting foreign material into my body isn't appealing at all.


But I find it fascinating.


Corset piercing, branding, tongue forking, ear pointing, implants, ear stretching.


I usually cast a furtive glance in the direction of individuals who make such a striking physical statement
but really, I assume that they would welcome the attention.

Not many shy retiring people would walk around shyly with metal spikes sticking out of their head.

I think that I now look at young individuals and the choices that they make
as a parent and wonder how I'd react if one of my kids came home with a pair of implanted horns
or elfed ears.


10 years ago, my reaction was "Would I ever chose do that?"
Now it's "Will my kids ever chose to do that?"

I like to think that I am open minded but I am not sure that my reaction would be sedate,
especially if the changes were difficult to reverse,
mainly as I think that they would be judged poorly in mainstream life.
But I'd be cool with one of them being rebellious enough to get an eyebrow ring.
I could live my rebellious piercing streak vicariously through them.


Vic said...

Oh I think the elf ears are CUTE!

I had my lip pierced a couple of times; I loved it & would do it again but for my own negative connotations with regard to mothers with piercings like that (entirely my problem).

I wanted a tattoo up until maybe 4 or 5 years ago; I am so grateful I never got around to getting one! People & tastes change & I can only hope that whatever weird things my kids do to themselves they can be undone when they no longer want to look like X-men rejects.

CurlyPops said...

I never ever wanted a tattoo, until now. Mid life crises?

Tin Can Daisy said...

I agree with each to their own, but please don't let it be one of my own that does that to their bodies!!

Miscellaneous earrings I can cope with. I have a few onf those myself. I have a tiny tattoo on my toe that didn't work properly and I didn't bother to have redone. I'd love a tattoo of a butterfly or the tree of life on my lower back (or upper bum lol) but it's been done so many times and the term 'tramp stamp' turns me off.

willywagtail said...

To help your children make wise choices it may be good to educate them in a non confrontational way about the dangers of a lot of these piercings,etc. Not so much the irreversibility as youngsters don't look to far forward but the dangers of the actual procedures and the need for scrupulous cleanliness. After all there are likely to be as many people with allergies to tongue piercings as there are to ear piercings and these areas require extra caution. I doubt that we see all the failed attempts, probably more that the only the successful ones walk about. Cherrie

Little Munchkins said...

Hi Tas, check out my blog ;)