Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas nibbles #4

OND 2011

First they used the tree as the hill in their downhill skiing attempts.

OND 2011

Then they started to eating it.

OND 2011

Now they are starting to eat the presents.

blog 2011

I worry each time I send the children to pop a present under the tree
that they might not return.

OND 2011

Apparently not everyone wearing a Santa hat
and hanging out under a Christmas tree
is trustworthy.

blog 2011


Nikki said...

I reckon that the odd kitty candycane nibble beats having dead rats and birds brought into the kitchen... and certainly makes for great blog fodder. Love ya work! (And do you need another cat?... a very generous, hunting sort of cat...?)

CurlyPops said...


Tanya said...

that bottom photo- certainly not a look that inspires trust! Hope you have a nice Christmas Tas

The Handmaden said...

Our cat constantly chews on the lace curtains, but never a Christmas tree or present!

willow and moo said...

Your cats are a menace, but they are funny. Well, funny because they don't live in my house.