Friday, December 30, 2011

"Little Boozle's cats"

OND 2011

I couldn't work out why Wally seemed to be struggling with his ascent to the window ledge
leading to his cat run.
It might have been something to do with the 800 gram chunk of meat that he had in his mouth.

(To his credit, he got it down from the kitchen bench,
along the corridor
and up there with minimal fuss  
but juuuuuust didn't quite make it through the window
before he got nabbed)

I am thinking of re-naming my blog...
something like "Bad Cat-titude"
or "Free to Good Home"
or "My Cats Need Prozac"
They seem to get a fair whack of my blog time.


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

You are just doing your bit to ensure the safety of the wildlife by putting anyone off ever owning a cat!

H said...

Love them. From a safe distance :)