Monday, December 12, 2011

This week...12th December, 2011

blog 2011

...I wondered if I was the only anal mum who sifts through the vacumn cleaner bag
in case some tiny piece of Lego is about to be binned
(and yes, I did feel vindicated when I found not only Lego
but a few other little "treasures" saved from near eternity in landfill)

(I would like to point out that when you have had your hand up an animal's bum for a living,
nothing that you find in a vacumn cleaner bag is going to gross you out)

...I watched the cats run up and base jump off the newly arrived Christmas tree
and wondered how things will go now that we adding the enticement of 
oooooh, look, bright, sparkly things.

blog 2011

...the glittery poo in this household is not from magical reindeer visits
but from the same cats eating kindy flour dough decorated Christmas decorations.

Little Boozle 2011

...I finished knitting a very happy cardigan
(Olearia cardigan- Georgie Hallam
Cotton dyed by Liss) 8 year old honoured his dad's rule
of not using Blu-Tak on the walls
by breaking his mum's rule
of no plasticine in the house.

Apparently you can stick things to the wall using plasticine...
if you use lots of it...
and if it is really, really red.

...our 8 year old learnt what sugar soap is.


willow and moo said...

The only reason I don't dig through the vacuum is that I am allergic to dust. It would induce a terrible reaction.

Uhm, yeah, no good on the plasticine.

Mary said...

hmm, vaccuum cleaner bags, you obviously have nicer floors than here because there are days were you couldn't pay me enough to sick my hand in there, hence we are now 'bagless'.

Points for initiative on the plasticine.

I totally expect to see a post about how the cats have learnt to bungy with the tinsle too you know

Liz said...

My rule is that if you leave it on the floor and its gets vacuumed up, tough luck! Probably because I had already asked a hundred times for them to clean up anyways.

LOL on the plasticine - I figure blu tack is a necessary part of childhood - we can just paint over the spots if it peels any paint off.

H said...

Not too often but occasionally I have gone vacuum cleaner sifting. It has usually involved something like missing jewellery. And I like your ds thinking lol Make sure you ban sticky tape too. We are at the name writing stage. "Michael, why did you write your name on Beccy's new vinyl bag in indelible ink?" "It wasn't me"

Tanya said...

My mum would have sifted through the vac bag. I don't. If it's gone it's gone, which can be really annoying obviously if it's the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. I hate plasticine. Obviously your kid needs a multi pack of heavy duty packing tape ;).