Sunday, April 4, 2010

March health report

We apologise for the temporary break in transmission.

Due to the fact that my computer died,
then the computer people's customer service
was apparently not very heavy on the "customer service" part of their job description
and then there were a few little things happening
(like end of school, 15th wedding anniversary, you know the sort of thing),
blogging has been on the backburner for a week.

Then when I did have something to blog about,
we have discovered a problem with our digital SLR camera.
It takes photos
but doesn't want to play nicely and share with others.
Work in progress.

Anyhow I am back for a while.
And using a point and shoot digital to track my progress.

But meanwhile I can report that after 3 months,
my weight loss is about 9 and 3/4 kilograms.
Well over half way to my goal and very happy!


MoederKip said...

Tas - that's awesome news...well done!
You may just inspire me to do something myself :-)

Jetta's Nest said...

Congratulations..awesome job! I'm on track at the moment too...2.5kg's in 3 weeks...pre preg jeans should fit nicely in a month or two!!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Fantastic news!

Gilly said...

Congrats Tassy you are doing an amazing job!