Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy birthday Miss Maisy Mae!


My baby just turned three.

AMJ 2010

AMJ 2010

AMJ 2010

AMJ 2010

AMJ 2010
AMJ 2010

AMJ 2010
AMJ 2010
A few things to note.

I don't advocate sandals and socks.
In fact it is one of my pet dislikes.
But I am sure Coco Chanel didn't give a flying fig about what others thought of her fashion choices.

The last photo was Mae getting the fairy garden that I made.
It was a labour of love that I made well over a year ago,
before I started blogging,
but one of my prouder moments as a craftster.
I should do a retrospective blog to show (off to) you.

The best scooters are pink.

While I love watching my child grow,
I share that familiar bittersweet feeling with many of you I am sure.
She is our last born child,
forever our baby,
forever our little girl,
but growing up oh, so quickly.

May your life be blessed, Miss Maisy Mae.
Happy 3rd birthday.

AMJ 2010


Karen said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Love to see some pics of the doll-house Tas.

Glad Mae had a wonderful birthday week!!!

Sally said...

Awesome cake... loving the cup cakes too. Super cute. Totally ace.

Tin Can Daisy said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous little Mae :)

Yes Tas, you really ought to show everyone that amazing dolls house you made!!

You look like you've gone to so much effort to celebrate Mae's birthday - all the way down to letting her wear whatever she wants lol.