Saturday, August 6, 2011

A kick up the you-know-where.

I am a bit of a materialistic person.
I like having things.
Not pretty things that sit around just looking nice.
But I like cool functional things, nifty crafty stuff, gorgeous fabrics and yarn.

I do appreciate that I am lucky that I can afford to have a lot of these things
but it is good to get a kick up the butt
to remind me that, not only am I blessed to live in this country,
there are things that I can do to help other people who aren't as lucky.

As a family, we do make regular donations.
But we could easily do more.

Cath gave me a solid shove this week with an email about Kiva.
We have been meaning to sit down with our kids
and invest in this for months
(I should really say years but I am too embarrassed to do so)

This week there have been numerous reports about the Global Food Crisis,
worse than anything since "Feed the World" was launched back in 1984.

We, as a family, are fortunately in a position where we can make an extra donation
and hope that the politics in Somalia doesn't get in the way of it making a difference.

But, as a sewer and a parent,
another campaign that has appeared in the last few months is

The premise is simple:
Make a simple pillowcase dress (or two or three or a dozen)
and each one will be delivered to a girl in the world who have little of their own in the world.

You can chose to make a doll if you prefer
or an outfit for a boy instead.

The website provides all the information that you need,
including patterns.

I am also time-poor because I am such a great procrastinator.
I can always find other projects to do.
So I am putting it out there in this space, in writing,
so that I am accountable.

We will do what we can for Somalia and the African crisis.
We will sit down with our children,
explain Kiva and get involved.
I will make some dresses.

I wont be changing the world.
But I may change my self-worth,
my self-indulgent ways
and imrpove my contribution to problems in the world outside my own house.

I know that you may not be as materialistic as me in the first place
but feel free to join in, spread the word and
maybe sew up a dress or a doll.


Tin Can Daisy said...

Oh gosh Tas, I would love to do this with you and I am definitely going to sew for others one day but at this point I just can't manage it. I hope you get some others sewing along with you though.

Karen said...

I'm not sure I have much time but I might make an Olivia or two and give them to you to pass on :)

Great idea Tassie