Friday, August 19, 2011

This week...19th August, 2011

Little Boozle 2011

...I think that the Scouts really need to skip the "Buddy"  and "Sharing and Caring" badges
and go straight to the "I can sew my own badges on my Scout shirt" one.


...We said goodbye to Bob and Thomas
(the builder and the train respectively)
Too babyish for the older boys
and not compatible with princesses and fairies and all things pink
says the girl of the family.
I am sorry but they are dead to us now.
We wish them well in their futures.
They will be sadly missed.

..I have to admit myself that
there are 2 things that never fail to make me laugh.
The first is if a bloke takes a hit to the goolies
(that doesn't mean that I am not sympathetic to the guys though.
But they can't seem to understand that a woman doubled over laughing
can also feel sorry for them in their time of need)
The other is inappropriate laughter from professionals.
(think newsreaders, actors,...)
Makes me laugh too. Every time.

Little Boozle 2011

...I did some sewing.

A lovely summery poplin, lots of care taken, plenty of pressing, even some hand sewing.
I felt like I was learning to sew again,
taking my time,
doing everything by the book;
no cutting corners.
It was unusual for me yet oddly satisfying.

...I found out that hair dye labelled
 "naturally darkest brown; will cover even the most stubborn of grey hairs"
actually means " so close to black it isn't funny but we'll label it naturally dark brown
'cause that's the colour you think that you are buying;
oh, and your grey hairs must just be super-stubborn, that's all.
We never promised that we'd cover super-stubborn grey hairs so just suck it up, princess"

...I had a bit of a niggly throat and a slight cough
and a touch of a headache.
It was one seriously bad case of man-flu.


bec said...

I was telling my girl today how many hours of Dora, Diego and Hi 5 I had to watch because of her, she thought it was hilarious! Had to borrow that pic, too good!

zofia said...

thinking of trying scouts for Alex...
Hmm, avoided Thomas mostly, but Zeb has not taken to Bob and T never liked him!
He is a big Dora fan however. Sigh.

God on you for doing some sewing...I need to find my machine under the rubble. Oh dear.

zofia said...

Oh yeah, Man Flu. We are lucky, we women.

...So, gonna show that new *black* hair of yours?

poorrobin said...

Newsanchors losing their cool gets me every time too. :)

Kylie said...

You will have to teach them how to sew the badges on - however in my long guiding career I never sewed my own badges on (until after I left home) My mother was too much of a profectionist.
The fabric looks lovely. Goodbye Thomas and Bob - they are still here to stay for a wee while:)

Tania said...

Which reminds me, five months on, still haven't sewn the badges...