Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dining by Daylight Savings


I will own up to being a fan of Daylight Savings.
Being Tasmanian (and therefore cold-blooded) born and bred, I am a non-summer girl
(and find myself asking how I ended up setting up residence
in a city that hits 40 degrees Celsius in summer)
but if winter has gone and there is no going back until next year,
then the extended light evenings are at least one of the benefits of summer
in spite of the heat.

OND 2011

We are lucky in that all Boozles, big and small,
adjust pretty much straight away to the time change sleep-wise.

This past weekend, we had our first outdoor family dinner.
Sprawled on the grass.
No ants and only a few mozzies.
Still balmy and sunny.

Mr Boozle is perfecting his paella
and I have to say-
having an evening where I don't have to cook,
where the kids will all eat something a bit exotic
and getting to scoff a seafood and chicken paella
with no messy table or floor to clean up at the end of it all....
it's mighty fine by me.
Even if my curtains are fading as we speak...

OND 2011


Vic said...

Woop woop for daylight savings I say!

pinkchook said...

ooh that looks yum. I so wish we had daylight savings I want my curtains to fade and I am sure the cows dont mind either :)

Ange Moore said...

Fading curtains - love it! Lucky you're not a dairy farmer...