Sunday, October 30, 2011

My happy space- 30th October, 2011


I have been enjoying hanging out with clown fish in Vanuatu.

(Note to self- invest in a good water proof camera
before the next water-based holiday
so that we can get better photos
than we get using a dodgy disposable one...)

We are safely back home after a fabulous holiday-
more on that later.
Last chance to enter my holiday giveaway while I think about how to find some winners)


Vic said...

What a cute photo! The fishie is totally give you the eye!

Welcome home Tas.

Tania said...

It looks like that clown fish reckons you are a bit of a looker!

(welcome home, Love).

zofia said...

hehe, that is a cute pic.
Next time will be with the kiddies, you'll need those disposables. ;)

Mary said...

very cute pic Tas. We had a waterproof camera. Emphasis on had. Hubby threw it in the ocean and then couldn't find it again. Who'd a thunk those things sink...