Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One V.O.I.F.S.O.T.T.P.H.R.U.F.O...

Little Boozle 2011

That is,
"one very old- in fact, so old that the pins have rusted- unfinished object".

Little Boozle 2011

I can't remember this project at all.
I might have started this at Uni,
which means that it could be over 20 years old...

Little Boozle 2011
(rest in pieces)


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

I'm ashamed to admit it but I too have ufos that old!

Liesl said...

"Rest in pieces" - I love it!

Ange Moore said...

Perhaps rust in pieces would be more appropriate!! I have some of those lying around in my sewing stuff - I kee them at the bottom of the pile so as not to feel too uilty about moving on.