Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Getaway, Go away Giveaway.


I was going to title this post "a Vanuatu giveaway"
but I thought that it might be claimed by some
(probably those trawling cyberspace for freebies and competitions)
 that it was misleading
and that I might get hauled into the small bloggy claims tribunal or something.
So I didn't.

I am going away for a glorious, parent-only 10 days
to a far off land with beaches and lagoons and cocktails and reefs and volcanos and mopeds
and sleep ins and plenty more I am sure.

You might not miss me while I am gone
but you might be a teensy weensy bit jealous.

I'd love to take you all with me
on my personal jet
but that lovely elderly British widow
(whose now deceased hubby had squillions of pounds
and she now want to pass them onto me)
still hasn't sent a cheque
so I just can't swing it this week.

So second best thing would be to have a giveaway.
If you'd like to win any of the pretties,
just say which one(s) in the comments.

Little Boozle 2011
(Namaste light pink buddy case.
Brand new factory second- pale line visible across top.
Magnetised for needles and accessories etc.
Have one of these. Love it)

Little Boozle 2011

Little Boozle 2011
(Maybe this bag from Lark with a couple of custom key fobs thrown in...)

Little Boozle 2011
(Perhaps you'd like to sit down and  have a cuppa while browsing the Stitch magazine that
I managed to double up on.)

Little Boozle 2011
(Just say if you love op shop sheets)

Little Boozle 2011
(OK So, as tempted as I was to add these two to the giveaway
after they did a runner with my chocolate stash for my plane flight,
I know the joy that they bring me each night when they curl up at my feet
at the bottom of my bed.
Besides, someone would dob me in,
the kids would never forgive me
and I would lose half my blogging material in the process.
So I guess I am keeping the moggies)
...and perhaps tell me a holiday story...
(like... I had a wee in the gardens of Versailles when I was caught short in a visit
and I almost fell off a cliff when I needed a bed-time wee
at a car parking camp at a mountain monastery in Spain)

or a travel fact...
(like...sugared raw eggs yolks in Spain are as vile
as churros con chocolate is divine.
Fact. Totally.)

your favourite cocktail or warm weather drink...
(Mmmmmm; gin, lemon and lime;
Mmmmmm, mojitos;
Mmmmmm, any creamy cocktail with Baileys or Kahlua or both)

When I get back, I will find a way to chose the winners.
Something a bit quicker than falling lemons this time, I promise.


Karen said...

I would totally love the Stitch mag Tas - was drooling over copies Lara had last week...
Small travel anecdote - my sister lived in San Diego for a while and gave us directions to her house which was on Hammashaw street, at least that's how she pronounced it.
Forgetting the whole Spanish influenced speech thing we drove around and around trying to find said street, and eventually figured out it was in fact spelled, Jamacha!

Suzanne Walters said...

Love the key fobs! Hope you have a fabulous holiday :)

Tin Can Daisy said...

The Stitch mag would be nice :)

Perhaps a little TMI but I had a really nasty urinary tract infection in Prague and spent most of my 10 day stay there on the toilet. My boyfriend at that time (who I was travelling with) then strained his back and lay in bed beside me moaning about his pain....

zofia said...

Ok, besides gin and tonic,
I could go a Bloody Mary, mmmm. Kinda healthy? ;)
Ooh, the Namaste bag would be so handy...and you know I like oppy sheets.

Have fun, enjoy that kid-free time. :D

The Handmaden said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Hard to choose just one, but I was once given a Stitch magazine which I thoroughly enjoyed, so that would be my choice.

mistyeiz said...

oooo love those key fobs. :) hv a good time!!

Vic said...

Op shop bag, op shop bag, op shop bag!!!!!


I didn't know you were parent-only-ing... OMG! Jealous with a capital "I hate you" right now. ;)

Travel fact: I never go anywhere exciting. :( (You didn't say it had to a pleasant fact...)

...I'm not a huge cocktail fan, unless a G&T is considered a cocktail... in which case, that's what I like. ;) I once ordered a margarita purely because I liked the glass.

I. do. not. like. margaritas.

Dani Castley said...

Living so far from family, our holidays are pretty much limited to yearly rellie visiting. At my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary/family reunion, my brother attempted to freak me out by putting a green frog in my hands. He forgot that its my sister that freaks out about frogs, not me.

Lindy in Brisbane said...

That stitch mag would be my choice. Pina Colada, although apparently out of style these days, is my all time favourite coctail. And very appropriate for the tropics. Have a lovely time!

Abbington said...

Great giveaway Tas! Would love the Namaste case!

All my best travel stories are the funny disasters... like when we got our hire car bogged in a field in Ireland when trying to turn around on a narrow road... and having to ask the young guy on the tractor in the next field to tow us out!

Mary said...

Right about now I'm sure that you are swimming with something exotic or lounging beside a pool practicing your signature pose.. anyway, not a lot of holiday stories tips or facts. I can tell you that in the late 90's it was quite difficult to get a replacement windscreen for a 1970 MGB in rural NSW.
I can also tell you that even if you think you are alone in the middle of nowhere you should always double check before doing some that you may find embarrassing if you later discover you were not alone after all.

I love all your offerings but the buddy case tops the list.

~jen~ said...

I'm not after anything - just wanted to say your blog makes me giggle :)

Jodes said...

Oh I think that Namaste Bussy Case will be very happy here with me :-)

Melanie said...

Have a great time away!

Love the namaste case.

Ali said...

Tas you are soo funny.

The only travel advice I ever give is when travelling, always have loo paper. Trying to find something to wipe your very sore behind with when you have food poisoning travelling in whoop whoop can be quite hard

Ali said...

Tas you are soo funny.

The only travel advice I ever give is when travelling, always have loo paper. Trying to find something to wipe your very sore behind with when you have food poisoning travelling in whoop whoop can be quite hard

H said...

Holiday? What's that? When you're away with 10 kids it's time for a holiday when I get home. Otherwise I guess a good anecdote from when I was away on my own, would be the time that you fell down the pit at the craft retreat while pulling your suitcase behind you. There one minute, gone the next... :P

Lesley said...

Oooh as much as I'd like to say the cats, and aren't they NOT suppose to eat chocolate, do they not read.......

Your cats are weird Tas, no offence lol!!

But I would love the raggedy Ann sheets or the Namaste buddy keeper, my needle bits and bobs are currently floating around in the bottom of a bag.

And how dare you go away child free, our last child free vacation was a disaster, so i'm pleased you are having a ball without us *wink*

Jojo said...

Ooh would lurve the Namaste Case!

So so jealous of you hehe!!

Mad Mama said...

i would LOVE the lark bag,and is that gnomes and mushrooms on the key thingys...nawwww!

glad your had a great time away, your blogs made me giggle!


sascedar said...

yes. i WOULD love to sit down with a cuppa and that stitchy mag. looks lovely! what a sweet giveaway, thanks!

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