Friday, August 21, 2009

A crocheting mother's nightmare.

Daughter = drama queen = diva

As I return from a 2 week family holiday, I can produce my crafting effort while I was swanning around Queensland doing the touristy things. (Another post to follow about that)

A couple of day trips and evenings of being absoloutely worn out from going up and down water slides all day allowed me to get a bit of crocheting done. Sadly my daughter does not seem to appreciate the time, love, patience, and effort that such crafting entails.

This is a crocheted peasant dress by Lisa van Klaveren (etsy holland designs) The original pattern has a contrasting colour for the sleeves and a pattern through the main body of the dress but I kept the dress one rose coloured pink. I also added the frill to the bottom.

I have crocheted American patterns in the past and found them small so made this in a larger size but my daughter will be able to wear it now with layers underneath and next year in warmer weather as a summer dress.

Crocheted peasant dress

Crocheted peasant dress

I must add the reason for the title:

Crocheted peasant dress

Mae seems to have an aversion to wearing all of my crocheting endeavours and a few of my sewing endeavours, at least initially. You can see the snake lolly in her right hand that was the bribe for her compliance to model for one photo. Just one. One teensy, weensy, little photo. One.

Apparently I'm not paying her enough.


(Diva who managed to eat the lolly before finishing her tantrum I might add)

Only consolation is that after a certain amount of time, she will tend to wear most of what I make for her. That's the only reason my sons aren't getting a crocheted wardrobe!


Tracy said...

I think Mae and Lilly would get along well :)

zofia said...

Hehe, must be a girl thing ;)