Monday, August 3, 2009

A flea bag!

No, not the dog.

Violet, Staffy extraordinaire, would be miffed at being called a flea bag. Well, OK , no, actually she wouldn't care as long as you fed her and gave her a pat at the same time.

But this post isn't about Violet.

It's about the Grand Revival Flea Market bag (messenger version) that I have just made up for our impending family holiday. I wanted a bag that would leave me hands-free as I figure 3 kids on a family holiday will keep those 2 hands that I have full enough. And I didn't want it to be too big, just to hold the necessities. No, not the real necessities like nappies and the sip cup; I mean the superfluous ones like wallet , keys and camera.

This is a cute bag and easy to put together. It is reversible and has a few variations but I used an outer open weave cotton and a soft cotton lining so will not be turning it inside out. There is an inside pocket which I put a snap closure on for some added security.

Somehow in cutting it out I managed to do something really bizarre- I cut out 2 outer fabric pieces for the 2 halves of the strap at the same time from a folded piece of fabric. Yet when I was sewing, one was 4-5cm longer than the other (cue theme music from "The Twilight Zone") If anyone has any rational explanation for this, I am all ears. Usually I know damn well where I stuffed up but this has me stumped! No worries after some backtracking and tweaking but it slowed it down somewhat. I think that I will have to make up another one just to prove to myself that I am not going mad!

Little Boozle 2009

Little Boozle 2009 outer fabric

Little Boozle 2009 lining fabric

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