Saturday, August 29, 2009

I love rainy days

But not as much as I used to...

Mainly because most days I have to actually have get out of my piggy-piggy-jam-jams, put on a bra and make myself presentable to the world. That's what comes of having just 1 of your kids start school.

I'd much prefer to stay in my jammies with an everlasting cup of coffee in my hand pottering while the rain hammered down outside and I knew that I didn't have to walk 3 kids to and from school under threat of complete saturation in spite of a Dorothy raincoat, Thomas raincoat and a Spiderman umbrella.

So today's forecast was cold and rainy weather, possibly progressing to thunderstorms. On a Saturday. With no commitments. At all. Yeah, baby!

So I decided to have a cooking day. Vegetable soup for dinner. With freshly made bread. Cooking a cheesecake with the kids for dessert. Strawberry icecream cos we, like, need a 2nd dessert. And, just because I was on a roll and hadn't quite used every utensil in the house, I'll try some jam wheels as well for the freezer.

JAS 2009
The smell of the strawberry syrup for the icecream was absolutely divine!

Which reminds me, hands up everyone who has one of what I call "the local ladies cookbooks"? For me, a Tassie girl, I have the Central cookery book and the Esk Valley cookbook. And I have a Country Women's Association one too. My mother-in-law also gave my the Breastfeeding Association one. I may have it completely wrong but I just feel that these books have decades of recipes shared by family and friends that are tried and true. One of those old-fashioned traditions that I hope may long continue so that I get to buy those books or hand mine down to my daughter and/or sons.

Add to that some washing and puppet plays by the kids and the only shortfall is that my daily exercise regime demands a bra. For the comfort and safety of me, the furniture and any family members that are within a 10 metre radius. Having breast fed 3 babies, I can't be sure of which direction my boobs might go if left unsupervised

But then I had a shower and got straight back into my jammies at 3pm, made another cup of coffee and watched the rain out of the window.

Now if I can just get some sewing done, my day will be complete. Oh, and given that the tooth fairy has been here for a visit this week, I wouldn't mind if the "washing up and cleaning up the kitchen" fairy could drop by on her way past too...

JAS 2009


Punky's Mamma said... know what... I never thought of it like that!

I should be savouring these what seem like never ending days of rain, when I can't get any washing done or even go outside, because, really, I don't HAVE to go outside...!

Lightbulb moment, there... thanks!

Fingers crossed that elusive washing up fairy stops by, if she does, you know where to send her next... ;)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I need a washing up fairy in our house as well!! I love rainy days as well.........

Gill in Canada

Sara said...

Hey Tas, if that washing up/cleaning fairy ever arrives, send her my way when she's done. ;)

So how yummy was the ice cream??

Kat said...

Oh tas - I have tears in my eyes - you are so funny! Hang on . . . the tears might be becuase I jumped and I don't have my bra on ;) Yazz was so wrong when she sang "the only way is up". What was she on??? Hugs Kat xxx