Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Toledo Batman!

An exercise in map reading.

Over at the Crafty Mamas' swap this month,
we are to make our recipient a pin cushion.
Aha! I have the perfectly cute, perfect pattern, methinks.
And some perfectly cooured vintage fabric.
And some perfectly fluffy chenille.


Everything going swimmingly until I turned the page...


...and got a bit confused as to sew what bit where.
It may not look that bad but considering what I had in my hands,
it was a teensy weensy bit confusing.

Deep breath.
Big swig of coffee.
I can work this diagram out.
I have a University degree.
Failing that, I have birthed 3 children naturally.
I. can. do. this.

It actually reminded me of a sunny day in Spain way back in 2001
when hubby and I were traversing Western Europe in an old, unreliable Combie van
(as Aussies do)
and the day that we decided to explore the old city of Toledo.

Have you been to Toledo?

This is Toledo.

(image from gamespot.com)

Just a simplified map here to give you an idea.
Don't get me wrong.
Gorgeous, stunning, awe inspiring place.

But it is a little bit convoluted.
It should have a booth at the entrance where you sign in;
you know, like when you are embarking on a hike at a national park.
Just in case you aren't back before your visa runs out.
(In case you ever go there, I'd recommend running out a piece of string from the entrance.
While it may seem grandiose and downright risque to throw caution (and your map) to the wind and decide to wander aimlessly,
after a few hours,
tired from the forty degree heat,
sore feet from trudging up and down cobblestones
and seeing THAT building for the umpteenth time
-"haven't we been this way before?"-
 it all might just get the better of you!)

Anyhow, I've side tracked.
Back to my pin cushion.
It wasn't half as bad as I first thought.
(Unlike Toledo)


Carolyn said...

LOL Tas! Glad the pin cushion proved to be easier than Toledo

Have you ever been to Venice?- we found we got very lost there!

JulieT said...

I am about to start my pin cushion I certainly hope its not as complicated as Toledo!

clare's craftroom said...

Holy Toledo ! Sorry couldn't help myself .... Love the fabric for the pincushion and have no doubt you'll work it out .

Tanya said...

oooooohhhhhhhh- do I spy an elephant? gee, that looks complicated (as does Toledo!!). Hey, I want you to change your blogger settings and add your email so people can email you straight back after commenting, cause at the moment it just says "Tas" and that's a pest!! Good luck pincushioning. They also come in square, in case you were wondering :)