Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warning: dag alert

Guess what I did last night?




Just me and 10 000 of my mates,
(99% of whom were over 40 years of age)
reliving the fun of our youth.

Tears for Fears were amazing.
Those voices...
Spandau Ballet were fun.
A bit different to the 80s...
Overall less hair,
more wrinkles,
better clothing sense
but energetic and entertaining and having a ball.

(And might I say that the sax player, Steve Norman, is a certifiable 50 year old spunkrat.)

Yes, I am a dag and proud of it.
(and no, I didn't have a fluoro "Chose Life" tee and bubble skirt to wear)

And at the risk of starting to sound like a middle aged parent,
I have to say,
as inane or cheesy as the lyrics may be in some of the 80s music,
at least there aren't any words that I wouldn't like my children repeating back at me
or music clips that aren't suitable for them to see.

Now, if only Abba would reform...


Karen said...

Oh even I'd go to see ABBA wth you ;)

Glad you had a fun night at the dag festival :D

Gilly said...

Oh you dag!

Beeshebags said...

How funny, I have always thought Steve Norman was the hottest out of the lot, even back in his 'chunky' 80's days...lol Hugs Naomi (another Adelaidean)

Tas said...

Ah, Naomi. I was a Tony Hadley gal. Only discovered Steve's charms near the end of their time.