Monday, April 5, 2010

Swing top, Japanese style.

New meaning for the word "roomy"

I have a bit of a crush going with Japanese sewing books.
I am accummulating a few and get inspired everytime I look through them,
but have only made up a couple of things.

But they are generally very simple and straightforward...
which is lucky given the complete absence of English guidance.


I made a version of a swing top from the above book.
It was very full to start with
but then I lengthened the sleeve by extending the line of the sleeve at the cuff.


This top really gives a whole new meaning to "full" or "room to manouver"


I'm still not sure.
Love the fabric.
And often look at it and think "love it".
But then look at it another time and think
"not convinced"


Anyhow, I adore the fabric
from the lovely Noor at Holland Fabric House.
Check out her web store or etsy store.
Remember those gorgeous bias tapes I bought a while back?
And I have some of that divine kimono girls fabric in my stash now :)


And it is pretty.
And it certainly is different.


So I am happy as long as the little goddess will wear it.
Perhaps even with some trousers...


MoederKip said...

I ADORE this top .... Will you make one for me ;-)

Tania said...

Absolute winner. With layers (which, yeah, could include trousers)...

michal said...

This is so cute! I really love it! looks very roomy and comfortable indeed!

Gilly said...

I really like this Tassy - super clever and very very cute :)

jorth said...

So cute! Those Japanese sewing books are the best, aren't they?!