Sunday, January 3, 2010

12 Sewing Challenges in 12 Months

Up for some sewing fun in 2010?

Caroline over at My Favourite has set up a challenge for 2010. Each month she has nominated a theme and if chose to participate, you make something that will challenge you and if you chose, blog about it.

I'm not good at long term commitment

(with the exception of my relationship with my husband)

but given that I can chose on a monthly basis,

(plus there are no rules and there are giveaways)

I thought that I'd sign up.

Head over there if you are interested.

I am blogging about this now because this month's challenge is to make something for myself...

which I am doing at this very moment...

and which is doing my head in at this very moment...

so I am taking some time out.

I am sure that there is some irony in there somewhere...

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