Monday, January 18, 2010

Chilled Out and Relaxing...

A low key start to 2010.
OND 2009
A strange thing happened upon our return from our Christmas holidays with interstate family.
My "to do" lists, the daily ones, the weekly ones, the short term ones,
have all but disappeared in a puff of smoke.
No more mandatory family get togethers schedules (well, only two).
No running around meeting and greeting friends in the name of the Christmas spirit.
No Christmas presents to buy and wrap.
No decorations to put up or take down.
No special occasion cooking.
No school uniforms, lunches, deadlines.
No...well, anything!
Oh, what bliss!
The past few weeks have been filled with school holiday activities
(because we chose to for sanity's sake- kids' and mine)
sewing and embroidery or crocheting
(because I felt like it)
reading a book or two
(because it's been a while)
and just generally staying in my PJs as long as possible
(just because I can)
OND 2009
It is wonderful.
OND 2009
Soon life will fill up again with must do lists,
should do lists,
want to do lists
as school goes back, life in a new decade starts kicking in and our family chaos returns.
But at the moment, I can enjoy this time of a little self indulgence.
So, for now,
I'm that mum sitting in her baggy, daggy PJs on the outdoor lounge reading a trashy novel,
cuppa in hand, no bra or hairbrush in sight,
while the kids are in their PJs at 11am watching Wallace and Gromit.
(It is bliss when the world doesn't have to see you for a day, don't you think?)
(photos: Wineglass Bay, Coles Bay, Hazards Beach, December, 2010)


Vic said...

GORGEOUS pics Tas... WOW!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

I love your beautiful photographs - they are fabulous.

There is a direct correlation between relaxation and the amount of time one spends in PJs. May the rest of your holidays be filled with jimjams.

kanishk said...

then you would have to cut around the edge and I was thinking the felt would show?

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