Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Things are Worth the Wait...

...Or Worth the Weight.

OK, something odd is happening.
I am losing weight.
Like, serious weight.

Not as in "omg what is happening I am fading away what is wrong with my health?" weight loss.
But the "I have suddenly and apparently easily found the motivation and willpower to exercise and restrict my calories" kind of weight loss.

I have been wandering around in that hazy place where you just keep snacking and overeating and thinking "I must. I should. I will. But maybe tomorrow" for the past couple of years.
I promised myself that I would get fit and healthy (and lose weight) once I had finished
having kids for both our sakes.
But it didn't happen.

Suddenly my last "baby" is nearly 3 and I am still significantly overweight.
Even 6 months of Zumba-ing my little toosh off only achieved a kilogram of weight loss.
(though it certainly tones me up and improves my fitness)

So I decided that this year from day 1, 1st January, 2010,
I would improve my diet.
And I suddenly found myself "in the zone",
as the kids of today would say.

And it has been surprisingly easy.
I have no inclination for extra snacks.
No cravings.
I've even eaten pizza and cheesecake in moderation.
(one things years of uneducated dieting has taught me is that deprivation is not a basis for long term weight loss)
I can bake goodies without even licking my finger.
I've just gotten myself into the right head space.
And I've lost over 2 kg.

Having young kids I found that I didn't sit down for meals until dinner time.
But I'd eat while I was getting their meals and snacks
and I'd eat in between as well
and then I'd eat too much at dinner.

I will fess up- my one guilty secret is the meal replacement shake for lunch.
The restrictions help me as THAT is what I have for lunch and nothing else,
no matter what the kids are eating.
And I really enjoy the shakes.
(I just feel like a bit of a fraud.
I have been dieting and not dieting enough of my life to know that this is about
long term changes and I am doing that
but there is still something about the words "protein shake" that makes me feel sheepish)

Oddly my body is now completely ambivalent about coffee.
So last week was a tough one-
calorie deprivation (reduction- really not deprivation)

sleep deprivation (we are using the overnight wee alarm for one of our kids at the moment)

and caffeine deprivation...

This does not make for a happy mummy.

But I can say, thanks to the high protein shakes, I don't need to poo anymore.
(Over rated anyway from what I can tell)

My other little trick is keeping busy.
Food has been a focus my whole life and that probably wont change
but if I keep myself doing other things,
I have to say, feeling genuinely hungry is an awesome feeling to have.

It's been a long time since I have let my body dictate my eating needs.

Thanks for listening.


Jetta's Nest said...

Good for you Tas!!

Just one thing though, please watch your tummy. If you ain't pooing your digestive enzymes might be getting a little out of whack cos we don't actually make them, we get them from food. Keep an eye out for an increase in flatus :) and a feeling of heartburn after eating something like...salad and well basically the lack of poo! Take it from don't want to mess with the enzymes cos I've messed with mine and it took me ages and tonnes of psyllium husk to get it all going again!!!!!

Bananas are a super source as are all leafy greens and pineapples.

Tas said...

Thanks Sam. It took me a few days to realise that there was actually an issue lol. I am doing my darnedest to keep my fibre up and keep things, well, moving right along! And I love bananas and pineapples so will put them on the snack menu!

JulieT said...

Congrats Tas "getting into the zone" is half the battle
As Sam says just make sure you keep everything working ok!

Gilly said...

WTG girl! Thats amazing and what a great attitude. Im super proud of you and before you know it we will be even yummier mummys! I take inspiration from your blog entry - make sure you keep us up to date :)

Snowdrops and Mudpie said...

That's excellent Tas! It feels good to drop that weight doesn't it.

Oh and go the bananas. Oranges are great for that too ;) As my Dad used to love to say "if you don't eat, you don't s#@t, and if you don't s#@t, you die" Charming eh?

kanishk said...

I've messed with mine and it took me ages and tonnes of psyllium husk to get it all going again!!!!!

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zofia said...

Go girl! That's fabulous!!

Karen said...

Great blog Tas, I need inspiration in the weight loss area! I need to find the "zone".

Hey we both have somebody called "kanisk" posting. Its weird because they just take a line from somebody else's post and post it again. Do you think it's a scam or worse a virus?

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Tas that is great news, well done and keep it up girl! I can relate so much to your "before" description so stay in the zone and don't come back to before land ok ;-)
Oh and I have Kanisk posting too..

Handmade said...

Wow - good for you - wish I could get int he zone.... I know what you're saying about food deprivation - I've done it, lost the weight, but can no way sustain it ... I don't know how those people who halve3 their size over 6 months do it .... I aint for me ... best wishes for continued zoning ... and zumba- ing - I love athat ad!

Lola Nova said...

I can relate to all you said. Trying to get my mind right and take care of myself for a change. Tough business.