Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did you miss me?

I'm baaaaaack!
I thought that I should pop by,
pull back the curtains and open the windows.
Let some fresh air in.
Wipe away the cobwebs.
Do the dusting.
You know.
Blog housework.
Heck, how long has that ham sandwich been under there?...
On second thoughts, I don't want to know.
I seem to have been away a while.
And I seem to have lost my witty yet insightful writing ability
which provided my topical yet perceptive social commentaries
(yes, at this point, feel free, you can roll your eyes)
It went AWOL somewhere between going away for Christmas holidays
and starting my healthy lifestyle.
So I am not sure if it went into the bin with the Christmas wrapping paper
or if is in the back of the cupboard with my coffee gathering dust.
Anyhow, I keep hoping that it will show up again.
Where have I been and what have I been doing?
Just doing stuff, nothing important,
but too tired or apathetic or absorbed in the tennis to blog.
I've done a smidge of sewing,
a touch of embroidery, (see below)
but nothing else of consequence.
Well, the place is a bit tidier and fresher now.
Let's see if inspiration hits.
Little Boozle 2010
Little Boozle 2010
(Embroidery Library)
PS I did lose 4 kgs. Maybe my creative mojo went with it?


Gilly said...

Yippee on the 4 kilos - way to go! I too am lacking inspiration at the moment - so when you find some send it my way!!!

Kate said...

Your embroidery is gorgeous! Let's hope inspiration hits soon.