Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Embroidery for Dummies

Lesson number 27:
Winding bobbins for embroidery
I spent pretty much all of yesterday working out how to transfer designs from
my computer to my embroidery machine.
(I am still not sure if it was my openly admitted technical illiteracy
or distinct lack of information provided that was to blame)
The day before that, I spent learning how to get my flashcard to fit into my machine
(No brainer, that one- I know that was due to lack of information provided)
And so it goes on.
But then you turn around one day and find out that,
although there is still heaps to learn,
you are now familiar with and able to do something that you couldn't do a month ago.
I have a suspicion that some people call this learning...
..and my, it is good for the soul and the brain.
Embroidery patterns
Here is my first real attempt at embroidery.
What, you can't see it?
Oh, hold on, wait a sec...
Embroidery patterns
What? Closer still?
Um, er, OK, let me see...
Embroidery patterns
(Smila's World- Sakura embroidery design)
Today's lesson:
After spending an evening stockpiling bobbins with embroidery thread
so that you wont run out halfway through a design,
it is well worth checking the level of the bobbin thread in the machine before you start.
At this point in time you might look closely enough to notice a couple of blossoms lacking some central colour.
This was the point in time when the bobbin ran out and things locked up and I panicked and broke out in a sweat.
Then you may notice that the lime green highlights basically aren't where they should be.
Apparently when you remove the hoop to replace the empty bobbin, things can get out of kilter.
Luckily this was destined for a purse at best
and my inspiration pinboard at worse.
Now I just need to find a drawing pin.
Lots of fiddling to do with tension and sorting out exactly what stabilisers to use
but so far it is fun and the possibilities running through my head are endless.
Very, very cool!


Peta said...

It looks great Tas and I'm glad you're sharing as you're learning because you're already helping me and probably saving me a lot of heartache too!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Oh wow - it looks fantastic to me. Look forward to seeing more!