Saturday, January 9, 2010

The most fun you can have with your clothes on

(Not that I am heavily clothed in 41 degree heat)
Little Boozle 2010
I wasn't sure about the creativity involved with an embroidery machine.
As much as I really, really, really wanted one,
I really thought it was all a bit "colour by numbers"
But there is a lot of scope to be creative,
from the colour scheme that you chose
to the fabric choices if you are applique embroidering.
And I don't even know much about the whole thing yet.
I can't wait to learn more and experiment!
Little Boozle 2010
Smila's World- Sakura design
(For a bag)
Little Boozle 2010
Urban Threads- little monster design
(For mini softies for kids' backpacks)
Little Boozle 2010
Huups- Matruschka Pimpinellskova design
(Destined to decorate a skirt for me)
Lots to fiddle and improve with regard to tension and stabilisers
but having heaps of fun in the process.

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Jo's Place said...

They look fantastic!