Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas nibbles #2

2011 to be sorted

It started off well enough (read that as dry enough)

But almost as soon as the parade started,
so did the rain.

2011 to be sorted

(and when I say rain, I mean rain.
Not a bit of drizzle. Not a light sun shower. No. I mean very. heavy. precipitation.)

But the parade went on,
with (mostly) smiling and (consistently) wet clowns, acrobats, camels,
belly dancers, dogs, band members, Scouts and more.

2011 to be sorted

Further along, some of the younger  participants
and some of those more scantily clad
did start to look a little bit on the goose bumpy side.

2011 to be sorted

We chose...OK, I chose to stay at our kerbside viewpoint,
rather than fight amongst the stampede of umbrellas and jostle in the under-awning space.

Not just with a capital S.
The whole bloomin' word can be in capitals.

2011 to be sorted

But as Santa appeared,
so did a little blue sky for a minute
and the 8 year old announced
that it was Santa's magic
that had brought the sunshine.

(It is a shame Santa's magic didn't whisk us immediately home to the warm bath
because 3 young kids were feeling rather cold and uncomfortable by the time
we got back to the car heater
and heck knows mummy could have used a coffee by then too)

But there was a lesson learnt that the spirit of those people in the parade
and those who stayed to watch,
in spite of the pouring rain,
was something to be appreciated and celebrated.

I at least got all sooky la-la (as I am prone to do at this time of year)
explaining this to the three drowned rats
as we dragged ourselves back to the car.
I am not sure that they quite shared the sentiment
but I think they understood that this is one parade that they would remember in the future
when all the others started to blur into the same memory.

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