Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pick an adjective.

Flicking through a Christmas catalogue...

blog 2011

...using words such as
nostalgic, enchanting,
delicious, charming...

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...then you turn the page...

blog 2011

I am going for odd.
Inappropriate. Tasteless.
Definately nauseating.

Is it just me that finds this appalling?
Would this make you shop with this company or boycott them?
You'd think,
given that this company was established in 1748,
that they'd have worked out what their target market would like to see
 in their advertising campaigns by now.

blog 2011

It's bad enough that the poor little bugger ended up with its head on a wall,
let alone that someone then thought sticking candles and ornaments on its head
and a wreath around its neck
was in any way, shape or form decent.


CurlyPops said...

Eeeeew! I really like the wooden carved heads or the new funky cardboard or plaster ones... but real ones - no way!

Posie Patchwork said...

I've seen some soft toy versions of deer heads lately, why, who would put a soft toy deer head mounted on their child's wall?? I kind of think the wooden & flat pack ones are just as bad (sorry Cam from CurlyPops) but they are representing the same thing. Much rather my children see the local reindeer we have here in Canberra (near our fabulous dog kennels) than in the form of a mounted head trophy. Love Posie

Crafty Mama said...

It's a hard one, Deer Heads are tres chic at the moment!! :)

Tin Can Daisy said...

Not my taste at all.

JulieT said...

Holy Hell poor thing must be a redneck deco!!!

becci said...

Not sure how you'd explain to the kids that Rudolph won't be making it our house this year.

Lola Nova said...

This is amazing! Last year a friend of mine threw a "Tasteless and Tacky Christmas" party. Everyone was to wear bad holiday sweaters and such. He had this very thing on his wall as a centerpiece of decoration because it was the most tasteless thing he could think of!!! (I think he found his deer head on the street put out with rubbish). Now to see it as an actual advert, crazy!