Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recipe for a giveaway draw

Making a cheesecake this morning,
a couple of lemons pulled from the tree were still hanging happily

It was a reminder of the need to perhaps manage a faster blog giveaway prize draw this time round.


~some popping corn~

~a permanent marker~

blog 2011

~one Spring lawn, unmowed for a month~

blog 2011

~3 distracted children~

blog 2011


Number the corn with entries.
While the kidlets are otherwise distracted,
fling the kernels randomly into the backyard lawn.

blog 2011

Lock the children outside and tell them that they can't go back inside until winners have been found.

blog 2011

Consider the fact that,  gosh, really, those kernels are small
and very hard to find in longer grass.
Who'd have thought it would take so long?

blog 2011

Get down on your hands and knees to look for yourself
(and tell the kids that no, they still can't go inside.
If it is good enough for a 42 year old woman to crawl around her backyard,
they can get their little tooshies down there too)
blog 2011

Decide right about then that next time
a number out of a hat might be the way to go.

Thank you to everyone who entered.
We had a fantastic holiday
and I am hoping that I can brighten the day for a few of you...

Oppy sheet...Zof

Lark oppy bag...Vic

Key fobs...Suzanne

 Namaste case...Mary

Stitch mag...TinCanDaisy

Congrats to you all.
Pop your addresses to me via email
and I will send you some crafty love.


Tin Can Daisy said...

Oh you are too funny!!! I love your method of drawing this one......especially as I'm a winner :D :D

Vic said...

Damn, what a lot of effort woman! Makes my "Hey, Twitter, pick a number" efforts look decidedly piss poor... and... YAY!!! ;)

Lesley said...

Congratulations ladies!!

mistyeiz said...

LOL excellent method tas... :) congrats to all the winners. :D

Mary said...

Yay, Thanks Tas, you've made my very long day. Glad you Had a good holiday too. So does this mean you'll be harvesting corn in a few weeks?

The Handmaden said...

How inventive! I wonder if the children are already looking forward to the next giveaway?

willywagtail said...

That is the best method yet. Hope there weren't any bindies in your yard. Cherrie

quilary said...

Take that Mr Random Number generator!
I did think for one minute that you were going to put the kernels in the microwave and pick the one that popped first!