Friday, November 18, 2011

This week...18th November, 2011

...I realised that last week disappeared,
about the same time that I discovered Pinterest...


(I am still resisting FB and Twitter)
(...on Pinterest, I realised that Americans like to use pumpkin in every recipe that they can at this time of year
and that people love to use exclamation marks...!!!...!!)

...the jacarandahs are in full bloom-
which means Christmas is imminent...

blog 2011

..our cat run got completed,
Mr Boozle learnt how to hand-sew,
the endangered domestic Wholemealus Crumpetus was endangered no more
and my sanity seems set to return.
(and, oh, yes, the cats do like it too)

blog 2011

...I was reminded that those fabulous photos of home activities  (that you find on Pinterest by the dozen)
do not equate to what is achievable in the home...
well, mine at least.



blog 2011

(But we did get 2 colours)

...I realised that we have been back from Vanuatu for over 2 weeks
and I still haven't blogged about the experience...

Vanuatu 2011

...I decided to base my outfit at this weekend's 25 year school reunion
solely around the wrap that I finished knitting this week.
I catch the plane hours.
Better go find some shoes, hey?

Little Boozle 2011

(Merenge wrap- Louisa Harding)


Peta said...

Enjoy your reunion Tas, the wrap looks lovely. You have been very busy on Pinterest but it's a lot of fun isn't it!! !! !!! (Those were for you. ;))

Sally said...

Awesome wrap... well worth basing an outfit around.

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really lovely!

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Mia Rivel said...

i love rainbow roses, have an amazing day =)

-Mia xoxo