Monday, November 7, 2011

I must have blinked.

- and missed it.


I am talking about the bit where I went from being a young woman
to one of the older generation.

We went on a few tours while on holiday.
One day, we headed out with 5 others for an afternoon
of walking up a river and a waterfall.

We were dutifully divided into 2 groups.
Mr Boozle and I and one other couple went with the tour operator
while the other 3 went with his assistant.

It didn't hit me until a few hours later
exactly how we had been divided up.

The other couple with us would have been in their early 50s
while we were in our early 40s.

The other group of three were a couple and a single traveller,
all somewhere in their 20s.

Our group were the oldies.

I was mortified.

When did that happen?

The last time we travelled significantly as a couple,
I was 30.
We were the young(er) ones.

Now suddenly, we aren't.

Not so sudden, I guess.
In between those travels
have been over 10 years,
mortgages, house renovations,
children and no time to sit back and contemplate
time passing.


I have said before that I comfortable with my age.
I really am.

But I am not sure that I am going to be saying that in 10 years.
There is a little jolt when you fill in a survey and you are now in the next age group.
When you go to the dentist and he is talking about cracking teeth and sensitive teeth
and why you have these problems as an older person.
When you realise that your body is well past its prime
and that, barring miraculous sci-fi medical advancements,
there is no going back.

In realising that you are that older person,
the one that your own parent was,
as your children are the ones growing up and starting out in life. 

I have suddenly realised that I am well and truly moving through that transitional period in my life:
where I feel quite young at heart.

I feel younger than I actually am.
I can remember and relate to the angst my kids are going through.
I still think of myself as just out of University
and just getting a grip on the direction life may take me.

But in reality I am nearing that place where I am looked upon
as being of "that older generation".
Where the younger adults think that we are out of touch.
That our own offspring think we can't understand how to run a DVD player,
let alone understand what it is like to be a tween
and why Justin Bieber is the hottest boy on this earth.


I am already trying my best to make sure that I don't embarrass my kids.
But really- how was I to know that a practical PopTop lid on a water bottle
would earn my 8 year old son the scorn of his mates?
I am thinking like an out of touch parent already.
It is happening without me realising it.


I want to grow old gracefully.
But then again I want to do it my own way.
I can only hope that the two are compatible.
Once I actually come to terms with the fact that I am ageing.


willywagtail said...

At 49 and a half (see, still counting the halves) I firmly believe it is my job to embarass my kids. That's what I tell them anyway. Soon you'll be getting to the point where people will stop asking for advice on parenting and questioning your knowledge of childhood diseases. Apparently things have changed since we started. Amazing how we all managed. I think growing old gracefully includes ignoring all of that and keeping on being the individual who is you. Cherrie

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh wow. We are always assumed older as we had 4 children in our 20s, it's reverse for us. I'm 36, a high school mum & constantly being plopped into different categories (normally assumed uneducated, which is funny, as i have 2 degrees, BEFORE i had the babies). We did a Greek Islands cruise last year & expected it to be full of older people but it was mainly young people or in our age group, it was fantastic.
My children don't understand Justin Beiber, they think he sings like a girl & spends way more time on his hair than they do. That is not manly, i think they like blokey blokes already (my husband could not possibly be more of a bloke, so the example is set). As for pop top drink bottles, am i missing something, my 4 all have pop tops, as they drink while they ride & run. Is the in thing for 8 year olds (i've got one of them) to drink from bone china?? Clearly you are much fancier in SA than we here in the ACT. Love Posie

Sherlyn said...

I have often read 'your as old as you think', I think your living by this rule ! From your post I can understand you're young at heart which is great! For kids parents will always be someone who will not understand something what they understand unless parents become friends to their kids from a very tender age.I think parents should be flexible enough to take up the roles of friends and mentors as and when required.
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Sarah said...

Hmmm, I'll be 40 next year and lately I'm thinking about ageing too - I cringed with recognition at several of your musings, but I think my solution is to not think about it too much. I sing in a women's choir which is dominated by very cool and interesting women who are all older than me. So for one evening a week I'm a 'young' person which is a little boost for my self image!