Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fringe benefits


As much as Adelaide may be the source of jokes from Melbournians and Sydney-dwellers,
I love living here.

Everything is easily accessible from our house.
I can get to the airport or to the beach in 20 minutes,
it is 10 minutes to the city and the zoo, 
and 10 minutes up the freeway, I am in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

We make great wine in South Australia
and there are no complaints about our food either.

At the moment, Adelaide is hosting the fabulous Fringe.
It began in 1960 as a less exclusive alternative to the Adelaide Festival,
open to anyone who wanted to register and perform to the public.
It is the largest arts festival in Australia.

Adelaide is so alive when the Fringe is on.
There are over 740 events on around Adelaide.
People are out and about,
buskers perform on every street corner,
there is plenty of entertainment for families,
restaurants are packed.

The atmosphere is wonderful.


You may remember that this year was a the year that I wanted to get out
and absorb a bit more of the culture on offer.
(OK so some Fringe acts may hardly be defined as "cultural"
but most are certainly entertaining)

Cantina in the Spiegeltent is superb.
Fun, clever, worthy of some "oooohs" (and even a little bit rude)

you know what I saw last night when I say that I saw the male version)


The vintage costumes were glorious,
the music fabulous,
the performers easy on the eye
and the atmosphere in the Spiegeltent is always fantastic.


Next up on my cultural journey...

Kicking back at a movie in Gold Class seats
(thanks to Mr Boozle's 40th birthday present from dear friends)
Rare for hubby and I to get to a movie these days.

Then...(drum roll)..."Wicked" in April.

Which reminds me,
I'd better start lining up a babysitter.

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