Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am having a Tom Cruise moment.

No, not this one:


This one:

After a long weekend with family visitors pushing the household to 7,
I woke early this morning to get everyone on their way
out of the house for the day.

Which leaves me.
Just little ol' me.
All by myself.
For a whole 7 hours.

What should I do with this blessed "me" time?

I am feeling pretty chipper this morning
(2 coffees before 9am can do that to a person)
and am thinking that a
Tom-Cruise-Risky-Business moment is in order.

No, not the moment where he invites a prostitute back to his house.

I mean the one where he dances around the house in his underwear.

So I am off to crank up my daggy ipod playlist
and sing and dance to my heart's content.

Hope you have the time for a Risky Business moment today.


Tanya said...

hey Tas, I read the start of this in google reader, so couldn't see you pic- when I read not an Oprah moment, I nodded to myself and thought- ahh, a Risky Business moment, has to be!
And yep- just take those old records off the shelf...and have the best day with yourself xx

Nikki said...

I hope you manage to have BOTH kinds of Tom Cruise moments!!!

Liesl said...

The best part about doing a Cruise in your socks is that you can pretend you were doing the housework. Surely the most effective way to polish the floor?

(I'm just not quite sure how you explain being in your undies at the same time)

Have fun!

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Have a great day Tas :D

Lillabilly said...

Ha ha Tom Cruise moment...awesome!