Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grateful for a very ordinary day


Even as the Queensland floods and Christchurch earthquake
are still in our thoughts each day,
we have awoken to new devastation in Japan and beyond.

I think the thing that really gets to me
is the thought that so many of the victims
in each of these tragedies
woke in the morning on those days
and started their ordinary tasks on their ordinary days.
It could have been you or me,
simply chatting on the phone to a friend,
hanging out the washing,
exploring a new city as a tourist,
driving to an appointment,
shopping for new shoes,
having a business meeting,
 stopping for a quick takeaway coffee...

That is when it hits home.
These aren't people who were doing anything risky,
anything out of the norm,
anything that should end in tragedy.

Today I have hung out washing,
I have made some party games with the kids in preparation for a future weekend,
I have sat at lunch and played referee to fighting siblings,
I have grabbed 10 minutes to knit
and we are planning to take the family to the beach tonight for a play
and a treat of fish and chips.

And I am grateful.


Nikki said...

Great post, Tas. xxn

Claire said...

Hey Tas, who knows what the day will bring...........
I guess the lesson is to enjoy each and every moment and enjoy the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.

I'm grateful too.

WIshing you a wonderful week,

Claire :]

Lola Nova said...

Yes, indeed it makes even the washing up around the house seem something to be grateful for. My heart is so heavy with all the devastation.

On a brighter note, I am in love with all those beautiful knit numbers you have made in such gorgeous fabrics!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

nice post Tas. I am having one of those "I am a crap Mom"
moments as bedtime has not gone well tonight and it was nice to destress with your post.