Saturday, March 26, 2011

Should parents play Fashion Police?


My husband doesn't think so.

I disagree.

When my 7 year old child wants to wear sandals and socks to school
(just like his grandpa has been known to wear on occasion),
I feel that it is in his best long-term interests to inform him
 that this could well be interpreted as mega-daggy at school 
and could make him the source of ridicule,
possibly ...OK, I did say probably... for a very long time.

When my 6 year old wants to button his school top all the way up to his chin,
or alternatively, channel the cover of a Mills and Boon book lothario
and leave all the buttons undone,
I cannot stop myself from correcting a perceived fashion faux pas
and undoing or doing a button up so that he is...well, normal.

I like to think that I don't sweat the big stuff.
If my kids head out the door wearing 3 clashing shades of blue,
no worries.

After all, they are hardly likely to get pulled up by their 6 or 7 year old peers
to tell them that Cerulean blue, Prussian blue and Ultramarine
really don't not compliment each other.
In time, I hope that they will get an eye for colours
and maybe care enough to dress without clashing.

Gumboots and bathers with a fairy dress is expected uniform for a 3 year old.
But once they start school,
I do feel the need to control what little bit that I can
to keep them safe from peer pressure.
I admit that I have no idea of what the tweens and teens of today are wearing.
The fact that I can buy hipsters and sequined boob tubes for my 3 year old
scares the heck out of me and I really don't want to know.
(I do hope that "wear-oversized-baggy-trousers-that-drag-on-the-ground-
with-a-really-loose-belt-so-that-everyone-can-see-your-really-cool-designer-undies" look has run its course.
It probably already has.
Who would know?
Not a 42 year old mother of 3 under 8 years)


I am not a slave to fashion.
I wear what I love and/or what is comfy, even if it may not be the best look for me.
The last thing that I want is for my kids to want this or that,
because it is what everyone else is wearing.

(Besides, even wearing what is trendy now will set them up for ridicule,
some time in the future.
I am still hiding evidence of some of my fashion choices in the eighties.
Who'd have thought perms and harem pants could now be considered such a mistake?)

I do want my kids to grow up with a sense of individuality,
not just in what they wear,
but in their decision making and their interests.
I am not a fan of conformity
but I also appreciate that life can be easier for kids
who don't stand out in the "wrong" way.


Mr Boozle reckons that I will make them self conscious
by informing them that wearing socks and sandals will ruin their lives forever.

I didn't quite say it like that...
but I didn't let my son wear socks and sandals to school.

Was that wrong?


m.e (Cathie) said...

hehee, yeah, i don't do fashion police Tas, but i wouldn't be smiling at the look of sandals & socks either.
individuality is good though, boobtubes for a 3 yr old..hmmm, not so good.

Sarah said...

I have enough trouble ensuring my non-conformist 4 year old leaves the house with clothing on that is appropriate for the weather. Last week she forgot to put knickers on for an outing for the library, so if she really wanted to wear socks with sandals, I don't think it would bother me. She likes the buttons on her school polo done all the way up and pulls her socks up knee high when she wears shorts - it's just 'her'.

Would 7 year old boys even notice his socks? I don't think we really paid that much attention to clothes when we were 6 or 7... but it's not the same world I guess!

bekimarie said...

Wait till your 12 year old daughter wants to go to a party wearing a teeny tiny dress which is the problem I will have tonight.
I have told her she can wear the dress as long as she wears leggings with it too.
Oh the strops we have had, it's hard work, everyone else is wearing a dress so short they're showing their knickers so why can't she....................
Yes, my dear, tonight I will be borrowing your badge and to be honest would rather face the socks and sandals, at least that would give Me a good laugh ;o)

B xxx

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Been There, Said That!

There are some things I will let slide but when my 7 year old wants to wear socks and sandals or worse socks and slip ons I have to speak up for his own sake (or maybe it is just for mine ... you got me thinking now).

zofia said...

hehe, my 9 year old favours the full button up. If I try surreptitiously to undo, he always fixes it back.
Hmm, I love wearing socks, any old time, so who am I to talk! ;)

Tania said...

I have become so easy going in the kid get-up department that, frankly, sometimes I startle myself. However. Sandals and socks are an absolute, non-allowable NO-GO ZONE. I hope those capital letters convey the intensity with which I type.