Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nature Series: Natural predators- part 3

The natural predator of the (6 month old) Felis catus
is the domestic vet.

JFM 2011

Sorry, my furry babies.
It is not pleasant but it is necessary
and will be accompanied by many cuddles
and some particularly yummy treats.

(On this day, I am glad that I am not longer registered as a vet.
I could never operate on my own pets
and had to beg, borrow or steal another vet to do so...)


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...
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Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Aww they're sleeping :) must make for a quieter house

JulieT said...

they are just gorgeous! Bless em!

MissGinger said...

good to find you and now following. x

Tania said...

Yikes! And EEK! (with legs crossed).