Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago today...11th September, 2001


My husband and I were driving in old Combi van around Western Europe on 2001.
We drove into the gorgeous Siena in Italy on that morning in September,
ready for another day of carefree sightseeing,
free to explore yet another beautiful Tuscan town.

As we walked up a narrow cobble-stoned street,
a photograph on the cover of the newspaper was accompanied by one word:

That is my memory of this day in history.

We were both blessed and cursed as we had no access to television
due to our mode of travel,
no relentless media bombardment in our spoken language.

We struggled to keep radio reception to an English speaking station in our van.

We had to actively search out information
about that day and its aftermath.

It was surreal.

I think it took us months, perhaps longer, to get a real grasp
on the extent of that tragic day.
In some ways, we were cushioned to the impact of the horror,
at least initially.

Unlike most big events of my lifetime,
I certainly remember where I was on 9/11.

My thoughts are with those who died on that day
and those who have died since;
their families,
their friends
and with most of humankind
who will be forever haunted by the events of that day.



CurlyPops said...

I remember that day vividly. I woke up early (it was Sept 12 here), turned on the tv and saw what had happened. I then had to go to work, pick up a colleague, drive to the airport and get on a plane. It was the most bizarre experience. No-one at check-in or security knew what to do. It was just bizarre.

Kate said...

I remember too. We had not long moved to our farm in Daylesford. Indi was a baby. We woke early and after hearing the news spent most of the day watching it unfold on tv on the edge of our bed sitting with my visiting grandparents. Awful.

Nikki said...

I was in Siena earlier that year...

My memory of Sept 11th is talking to my Mum on the phone while I was at work in Ireland (around lunchtime). The sadness I feel about that day includes all the people affected by the terrible events of the day and also very personal grief - that I can no longer talk with my Mum.

Nikki said...

Meant to say - "talking to my mum and...being told to be quiet because there was an important news update... I got cross and said "I'm talking to my Mum!". I was interrupted to be told the news about the first plane and then the second. My Mum would have been among the first in Australia to hear the breaking news.