Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some motherly advice


My dear daughter,

I am hoping that this advice can be taken on board.
After all, you are only 4
and if I have it right,
according to how it happened with your brother,
you don't know everything
until you wake up on your 8th birthday.

Firstly, try and say that you have a friend who is a boy at kindy
rather than that you have a boyfriend.
You may miss the subtlety of the difference between the two at your age
but let's just say that it is the difference
between your daddy getting a goofy grin on his face and talking about cutesy things
or him getting a big frown on his face and talking about shot-guns.
It is a conversation that we are hoping to avoid for at least another 10 years.

Secondly, you are a big girl now and you really should try
and make sure that the whole world doesn't know that you are wearing "My Little Pony" undies.
I say this because it is something that family friends will feel the need to remind you about later in life,
much later in life.

I am 42 and I am still reminded by (now elderly) family friends
about my undie displays as a young tomboy.
In fact, a couple may still murmur about my lack of undies as a young tomboy.
And how I used to chew my big toes nails.
If this doesn't put you off, it should.

Thirdly, when I asked your big brother to send you an email from school
because you are forever heart broken
at your lack of mail, both paper or electronic,
I expected something along the lines of
"Dear sis,
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Brussel sprouts stink
and so do you".
So when he actually sent you an email,
without countless reminders,
and it said
"you are the best sis in the world. i love you!",
my heart swelled up and almost burst.

You probably wont understand this either.
But one day when you are a mum, you will.



Sally said...

oh my... that is the best brother in the world!!!

zofia said...

oh, what a sweetheart!

Zeb has a girlfriend-they hug when they see eachother. :)

Mary said...

aw, wonderful brother, just think one day she'll be dating his mates ;)

Tanya said...

Mary, can we not talk about the 4 year old dating yet? I am not ready to talk about the 9 year old dating, either! Nice email, I am impressed with that!