Saturday, September 3, 2011

This week...3rd September, 2011

Little Boozle 2011

...the nerdy, geeky knitter in me got excited
by learning how to make an icord.
Way. cool.

...I am wondering how a cat (or cats)
managed to fish a small piece of forgotten toasted baguette
out of the bottom of the toaster.

...and I am thinking that Mr Boozle had wisdom earlier in turning the power to the toaster off
when he saw the toast,
purely because he knew what the cats would do.

Little Boozle 2011

Little Boozle 2011

Little Boozle 2011

(And I'm thinking that, at the going rate, an electrical appliance may well be their downfall)

...I decreed that my male offspring
henceforth be known as Erky and Perky

Is that wrong?
It's just that they just seem to have so much in common.

...I signed up our princess for The World's Strictest Parents.

Little Boozle 2011

As you can see, the intervention didn't work
so there is no choice if she wants to keep living in this house.

...In spite of some solid gusts last night,
the lemons numbered 1 to 23 are still hanging in there.
It is a tad poor timing that Mr Boozle decided today that  it was time to prune the lemon tree
for the first time in 3 years.
Needless to say, he nearly got a pair of secateurs
up an orifice.


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Sally said...

Good thing your cats have nine lives.

Nikki said...

Oooh... you're my knitting hero!!

(I'm determined to get to grips with socks this weekend.... icord is a mere pipe-dream at this point)

Kat said...

You crack me up Tas!