Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Say cheese (or is that cheesy?)

Little Boozle 2011

How hung up are you about your passport photo?
What about Driver's license pic?

Mr Boozle and I are renewing our passports
just in case we might happen to need them
in the next few months.
(Big yay)

I stood behind the red mark on the floor at the post office
and looked at the designated point.

Do I smile? Or not? Oh, crap. I don't know.
Is the hair OK?...I think it is...
Well, it was before I walked here in the wind and rain.
No makeup to worry about.
Well, just enough to take off the shiny spots.
No, wait.
Where's the mirror?
I think that I have a stray nasal hair...
Excuse me, sir.
I know that you have 7 people waiting but could we do that again?

Really, do you think that the man at the airport whose job it is to stand and check passport photo
after passport photo
after passport photo
after passport photo
gives a toss as whether you have had your roots done,
whether you have matt or gloss lippy on
and whether you might be having a pimple pop up just over there on your left cheek?

Like-wise the policeman or anyone else who needs
to check your Driver's license.

(Except maybe for the policeman or woman who
has pulled you over just to get a date with you.
No, it hasn't happened to me but it isn't an urban myth- I know someone who got pulled over to get pulled.
So to speak.
Bet she was hoping at that moment that she looked fabulous in her Driver's license photo)

I figure if my eyes are open and my hair half decent,
it's all good.
The photos always have odd lighting and colouring
but then that probably matches your complexion
after spending 13 sleepless hours on an overnight flight.
3 and 1/2 hours in a customs queue
as you now stand under harsh fluorescent lights and the threat of a cavity search.

The sad fact is that the majority of us will have photos that would look quite at home
if pasted about a "Wanted: dead or alive" caption 
but given how rarely those photos see the light of day
or how rarely they are viewed by someone with the time and inclination to judge,
who really cares?


Sally said...

Ok... So logically I know that I shouldn't care... BUT I DO!!!

Posie Patchwork said...

I figure with pass ports, they are checking your real life image against the photo, after a 14-24 hour flight, it's not going to be pretty!! I honestly don't care.
I loved my last drivers license, just as they hit click, my son leapt up so i'm laughing & the top of his head is visible, it's fantastic!!
I recently got a new military ID (so i can use the pool) & the lady took my photo then asked if i was happy with it, i said "it's a photo, surely it looks exactly like me, not much i can do about it".
All this said, we need new passports x 6, thanks for reminding me, love Posie

CurlyPops said...

I really think they should invent screens that face the poor person being photographed....then we could at least check our pose before they snap!

m.e (Cathie) said...

yes, I agree with Cam!
that pic does look good Tas and I don't think you are allowed to smile anyway..pfffft, so many rules!
I need to get a photo done for my working with kids application form and have been avoiding it "until my hair looks decent"
I don't know when that will be....

thanks for the morning giggle, I love your posts ♥

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

So true! Especially bad for passport photos that you have to keep for 10 years. I always like to keep my old passports to see which one is the worst :)

becci said...

In my passport photo I look exactly like I did after flying for 36hrs! DS1 looks devilish and DS2 looks like a little angel (which is why they double check that photo at customs because after a 36hr flight he is anything but angelic) Dh had his photos taken at work. He's wearing orange overalls!!!! It's amazing they let us in any country.