Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Bag Lady

Another one...Ali Foster Fold Over Clutch

This is a really simple bag but I loved the concept. Body fabric is a remnant of heavy vintage polished cotton that I love. Lining and strap is a Japanese lightweight open weave linen with a matroyshka doll print...who doesn't love a Matroyshka doll print?

In spite of its simplicity (or perhaps because of it) I still managed to muck it up. I put the strap on back to front so that the snap was facing the wrong way. So I folded it under and sewed the edges down. It isn't noticeable; it just shortens the effective body of the bag by a couple of centimetres.

I left off the wrist strap.

Fold Over Clutch 002 (Small)

Fold Over Clutch 003 (Small)

Fold Over Clutch 005 (Small)

I don't have much of a life to support my current bag sewing splurge; I can see this getting used to carry around my small crochet projects.

On the other hand, I am aiming to "live my inner style" so I should make an effort to use them!

Time to make some clothes now methinks!

Thanks for looking.

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