Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Robot Rumble

For my son's 6th birthday party

After lengthy discussions about how stressed mummy would get having to construct a scene from Transformers for a birthday cake, my son conceded that it might perhaps be a little tough (next year, babe!) and is now fired up for a robot party. (Mummy is also fired up. A robot cake should be a breeze compared to a 3D Transformer cake)

So after a lot of tweaking, printing, cutting and pasting, my boys are ready to go out into the big wide world. I am trying to shake off visions of Cybermen in the latest Dr Who (though with them comes vision of David Tennant so it's not all bad....) but these are decidedly nice tin men.

6th birthday invites
My boys.

6th birthday invites

Party details are under the tummy flap...I know I have a tummy flap but do robots even have tummies?

6th birthday invites

Basically I enjoy the challenge of making the invites and decorating the cakes but by the 3rd time round each year I am over it. I guess it comes back to the whole "home made" thing. I still prefer that to ripping invites off a mass produced pad.

Now back to domestic responsibilities...


Sara said...

Tas, the invites are fabulous and were totally worth the effort!!!

Kat said...

Tas - they're awesome! As are you! You productive lush!! Kat xx

zofia said...

Tas, they are cool! I can see them as fabric.
Do a Spoonflower- I dare you!

Gilly said...

These are awesome Andrea! Well done to you!